• Rehabilitation

    One to one physiotherapy intervention for a variety of health conditions both acute and chronic in nature. These can include injuries sustained from a fall, recovery following a stroke or management of Parkinson’s Disease. Physiotherapy prior to (prehabilitation), or following a hip or knee replacement is a commonly provided service.

  • Safety/Environmental Evaluation

    Recommendations to address safety and/or mobility concerns in and outside the home.

  • Wellness and Health Promotion

    Education regarding preventative measures for aging well and self-management of chronic conditions.

  • Consulting/Advocacy

    Care in your home or for a loved one in the community.
    Helps coordinate involvement of additional health care providers and/or community support options.

  • Pain Management

    Physical check-up, evaluation and review of pain medications.
    Education and treatment options regarding management of pain.
    Various treatments provided including acupuncture, exercises, ultrasound and mirror therapy.

  • Walking Assessment

    Evaluation of walking ability and recommendations for improvement. This can include recommendations/evaluation for mobility aids such as walkers, canes or walking poles.
    Completion of Assistive Devices Program application available.

  • Telehealth

    A secure, online videoconferencing platform for working with clients and/or consulting with family or other care providers.